Inspired by the legal tradition of his family, Pat Dekle made the decision at age seven to become a trial lawyer. He chose to be a civil trial advocate because he was affected by the needs of those whose lives had been overwhelmed by an injury that could have been avoided. Sadly, in today's culture, the norm is to deny responsibility and/or shift blame. The mission of the firm is to help its clients navigate the complex legal system in order to achieve a fair resolution of the problem and require the negligent party to accept responsibility for the wrong that has been committed. The firm, which includes two attorneys, two paralegals and a nurse-consultant, prides itself on providing an uncommon level of personal service and attention to detail. Diligence and integrity are key elements in the success attained for clients.

The Law Office of Patrick Dekle handle all forms of personal injury/wrongful death litigation arising out of medical malpractice, dental malpractice, auto accidents, product/equipment failures, and falls. Additionally, the firm's practice includes legal malpractice claims.

* Legal Malpractice

* Medical Malpractice

* Personal Injury and Wrongful Death